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Legal wedding requirements

Marriages performed in Australia are fully recognized in your country.

A "Notice Of Intended Marriage" form must be lodged with the celebrant a minimum of 32 days and a maximum of 18 months prior to the ceremony.
This form is obtainable from me.
I am also required to sight your birth certificate if you are born in Australia. If born outside Australia, passports of birth or birth certificates are required.
If either party has been married in the past, a "Decree Absolute" form will need to be produced to provide evidence of dissolution.

For overseas residents:
Couples can contact me directly for the "Notice Of Intended Marriage" form and must complete it in the presence of an Australian consular officer, an Australian diplomatic officer or any notary public.
This document along with copies of your birth certificates (or if these are not available copies of the passports of the country of birth) should then be posted to me to process at least one month and one day before the date of your ceremony.
If either party has been married before, evidence must be produced of the termination of that marriage.



Weddings in North Queensland - Wedding bouquet
Civil Marriage Celebrant
Justice of the Peace (Qual)
Member of Australian Federation of Civil Celebrants &
Association of Civil Marriage Celebrants Queensland

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