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Wedding Locations in Australia

One of the first decisions many couples make is the location for their ceremony.
An environment where you both feel at ease is always a great start.
Tropical North Queensland in Australia is one of the most spectacular places in the world to get married. The venue is up to you- after all it's your day.
Here are some beautiful locations I recommend.

Beach Wedding and Palm Cove Weddings

The premier beach location in Far North Queensland, Palm Cove, offers a beautiful backdrop that has always been a favourite place to get married.

Many people feel a sense of calm from being at the beach, which makes it the preferred location for a wedding ceremony.
The majestic palm trees lining the beach, the silky sand and the spectacular view of the ocean make this breathtaking location so romantic.
For larger wedding groups, I have my own PA system so everybody can hear the wedding ceremony.

Tropical Rainforest Wedding

Picture you and your partner surrounded by native birds and butterflies, the sound of flowing water and the smell of the pristine Rainforest, expressing your love and devotion to each other. For lovers of Mother Nature this is a truly mystical experience you will remember for a lifetime.

Chapel Wedding

For a classical wedding venue in a picturesque setting.
The chapel is beautifully furnished with exquisite stained glass.
It seats up to fifty guests and is the ideal place for a traditional ceremony.

Underwater Wedding

Are you and your partner true lovers of the ocean? Or maybe you share a common love for Scuba diving.
For something very unique, why not tie the knot under water. It's fun, memorable and exciting.
Includes under water speaking/listening devices so that the entire ceremony will be under water.

Great Barrier Reef Wedding

Once you've been there you will realize why they call it great.
Start your wedding day on a boat out to the reef where the ceremony can be held on a sand cay or on the boat/ yacht. Snorkel or dive together as husband and wife for the first time. Enjoy the calm clear water and tropical marine life on your special day.
Then let the fun begin with lunch on board and champagne (of course) to celebrate.

Wedding in Hot Air Balloon

A specially chosen local location provides ideal climate and weather conditions to view the Atherton Tablelands / Cairns Highlands from high above.
A sunrise flight whilst declaring your love for one another will be a feeling, you will never forget.


Weddings in North Queensland - Wedding bouquet
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